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In-ground pool skimmers are designed to skim floating debris and leaves when they are working properly.   They are set into a notch in the beam of a concrete (gunite / shotcrete) in-ground pool on the back side of the beam.

Set in concrete, they can be difficult to remove without hours of jackhammer work. The front side of the pool skimmer is packed with concrete and /or plaster, and the throat, leading into the skimmer, is tiled to match the perimeter tile band.

Most in-ground pool skimmers have two ports in the bottom of the skimmer. This allows the pool builder to either connect a Low-Water Suction port (or a main drain) into one port, usually the front port, and use the back port to connect the pipe that is run to the pool filter pump.

Another use of the second port is to connect two skimmers together, in series, so that one pipe goes to the pool filter pump (rarely plumbed this way).

Usually, the front port is plugged with a threaded plug, and the back port is plumbed to the pool filter pump.

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