Pool Leak Detection & Repair by Caltech Pools

Pool Leak Detection and Repair in L.A. and Ventura Counties

We are a Full Service Pool Leak Detection & Repair Company

California Specialty Classification License for Leak Detection & Associated Repair

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Caltech Pools is the frontrunner in residential and commercial leak detection for Los Angeles and South Ventura Counties.  Caltech Pools not only provides accurate leak detection, but serves the swimming pool industry worldwide in education, training and is the lead manufacturer of leak detection equipment. Our breakthrough electronic leak detection equipment allows us to s...

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Caltech Pools

Pool Leak Detection

Detecting Swimming Pool Leaks Your pool will naturally lose some water to evaporation, some to splash out and some to backwash waste-water. You may also gain water from rainfall. Our rule of thumb is, if you’ve lost more than 1/4-inch during a 24 hour period, you’ll need to perform a pool leak detection procedure and apply pool leak repair methods to address any le...

Pool Leak Detection

Why choose Caltech Pools over our Competitors

  • Honesty & Integrity are our TOP priority
  • Pool Leak Detections, Pool Inspections and Pool Repairs are all we do
  • The owner is hands-on on every job
  • We are structural pool repair experts
  • We never use subcontractors
  • Upon completing the pool leak detection, all findings are provided to you in writing. Detailed pool repair estimates will also be provided, allowing you to compare and shop pricing
  • We will be punctual and all lines of communication will be open