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Darren Merlob, Owner of Caltech Pools, invented the patented Torque Lock Structural Staple and Torque Lock Structural Systems in 2005. Since the inception of the product, the Torque Lock Structural Staple has been used around the world to end structural cracking in pools, foundations, fountains, walls and many other solid concrete structures.

Swimming pool cracks can appear in the floor and wall tiles of the pool.  Pool leak repair involving cracks in the pool structure has long been attempted by injecting repair cement or epoxy into the crack with failure after failure as a result. This method of sealing pool water leaks has often been short-lived and unsatisfactory, as cracks in pool concrete are dynamic and continue to widen with the passage of time.

Eventually, the widening crack fractures the epoxy or cement repair and the swimming pool leak resumes. The Torque Lock Staple technology has solved this longstanding problem of pool crack repair.

For many pool companies in the United States and abroad, Torque Lock has become the pool crack repair gold standard to remedy pool water leaks associated with masonry cracks. So effective, in fact, it’s now used in many concrete structures outside of the swimming pool industry.


Our Torque Lock system consists of a series of steel staple brackets with two pins, installed into recessed slots which bridge the crack that is causing the swimming pool leak.  We call this method “stitching”, as visible in the image above. After coating the marked pin holes with epoxy, the staples & pins are driven into the masonry to secure the staple in it’s recessed slot. The pins are then rotated less than 180 degrees to apply torque to the staple and permanently stabilize the crack.