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Professional Consultation

CalTech Pools get called on for jobs all over the world. Sometimes there simply isn’t someone qualified to do the job in the area, sometimes they just want to get the best expert’s opinion on what is going on in their situation and often to have that expert do the repair. CalTech can bring the necessary equipment to determine a customer’s needs and to perform the job at their location.

An example of a CalTech job where we travelled was when we were called to consult on a pool disaster in Costa Rica. An American company had built a pool at a resort, the pool cracked in half and no one in Costa Rica was capable of stating that:

A – Could it be fixed?
B – This is how to fix it if possible.
C – This is how much it costs to fix the problem and lets do it.

In situations like this, we get called to destinations and we will travel any distance for a client to:

A – Diagnose the problems.
B – Give our best opinion on the entire situation, both structurally and legally.
C – Be there if it does need to go to court.
D – Work to correct the issue.

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