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Expert Witness

The process of building a swimming pool is a lot more complicated than people often consider. There are structural requirements, plumbing, electrical, concrete, and re-bar requirements, fencing, safety and so many other issues that can be easily overlooked during the design and build process of a pool. Therefore, there are many disputes between pool owners and builders after a pool is installed, or even during the building process. It is important to have the ease of ability to hire a professional with the expertise to come in and identify facts surrounding the situation. Someone who has been functional in this business for a long time; who knows plaster, knows structural, knows gunite, knows leaks, knows hydraulics.  An expert who comes in to be an advocate for the buyer, or for the seller, whichever one it may be.

With more than 30 years of professional pool industry experience supporting everything he does, CalTech founder Darren Merlob is called on from all around the world to state facts that have caused the failure of a proper swimming pool installation – both residential and commercial. He’s asked to speak both Nationally and Internationally on what goes wrong when constructing pool environments, as well as to present on how and why things go right.

A lot of disputes often end up in litigation. Darren Merlob works with many lawyers and many experts in putting a team together to build the right strategy to compensate the pool owner for any damage done in the course of improper pool building, and to see that the job is repaired properly.

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