Project Description

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Repairing Bond Beam Breaks

On this pool/spa combo, we performed a leak detection and clearly discovered two big bond beam breaks. One was in the pool and the other was in the spa. After draining water, we tapped on the tile and verified the severity of the two breaks, and the leaks they were causing.

We cut control joints and carefully chipped out everything from the bond beam up, getting down to clean and solid gunite. We made every effort to keep the existing tile for re-installation after the work was done.

In the video below, you’ll see the removal of the coping, the installation of new rebar, the setting of the board forms and the pouring of new concrete.

then we carefully re-set the tile, replace and grout the coping and apply a Pebble Tec patch to match the inside of the pool. In the end, the pool and spa were leak free and ready for use.

See the in depth repair work below.