Project Description

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Leak Detection On A Self Cleaning Pool

Immediately upon starting our walk-through we identified all the equipment related to this being a self-cleaning swimming pool. This means added features to listen to for potential leaks. Two filters, two pump heads and lots of floor heads inside the pool.

In this particular pool/spa combo, the surface of the pool suffered from some serious delamination, though none of it was showing leaks. We listened to all areas of the pool with our PoolScope by LeakTronics; return fittings, spa jets, main drains, lights and questionable surface complications, including the delamination.

Then we listened inside of the autofill container, the self cleaning canister, which is where we heard the leaks, and the skimmer. A second look inside the self-cleaning canister showed debris being pulled into the cracks in the canister seam, right where we heard the leaks.

To back ourselves up, we performed a dye test for the customer and you can see the dye test, as well as the other work performed in the video below.