We sometimes get asked, when a customer calls, as to what a leak detection is going to tell them. The answer is, it will tell you exactly what needs repair, and exactly where it needs repair. We use LeakTronics precision listening equipment to perform a non-invasive leak detection; and by precision results, we mean pinpoint leak detection.

You know your pool is losing water, that’s why you called. You want to know why. if a leak detection company just tells you that you have a leak in your return lines, that doesn’t help you spare the expense of unnecessary excavation to fix the leak. By using the right non-invasive detection methods, we can tell you the exact area where the leak is and consider the best option for non-destructive repair.

Precision Results

Pools and spas can leak from multiple areas, sometimes more than one place at a time. By listening for the water escaping a shell, we can identify if multiple leaks exist during a single leak detection. Our highly sensitive hydrophones go in the water and listen for the sound caused by pressure escaping the pool. The weight of water pushes out on leaks making a whooshing sound. Only LeakTronics hydrophones can accurately identify these leaks with pinpoint precision.

Before using pressure testing, we can confirm if returns are or aren’t pulling water, and with a completely non-invasive stain line test, it’s possible we can rule out the lines as leaking without cutting pipes or breaking ground. If leaks occur around lights or fittings, we’ll know where and we can back up that suspicion with a small dye test to verify the leak and prescribe repairs.

Structural cracks might look to be simple surface cracking, but by listening to them, we can assure you as to whether they are or aren’t leaking through the shell. structural repair is a specialty we provide, using the trusted repair method of installing Torque lock Structural Staples. the patented staple is the only permanent solution to repairing cracks in a pool shell and virtually guarantees that any leaking creaks are repaired and the crack will be stabilized for the life of the pool, never to be an issue again.

We also review the potentials that your equipment may be the issue. With a proper leak detection, everything is checked to ensure the pool is sound. If a leak can’t be found in the shell or the plumbing lines, we can verify if it’s a bad check valve, or an autofill, or even if it’s user error. No stone is left unturned until the leak is identified and stopped.

Again you know your pool is losing water, call CalTech today in the West San Fernando Valley, Malibu, Simi, Lower Ventura, Beverly Hills or the surrounding areas. We can arrange to come perform a leak detection and to discuss the repairs that will save your pool and stop the drain on your wallet from water loss.

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