Attached spas often use the same plumbing lines as the pool, and depending on the leak situation, those plumbing lines may have nothing to do with the reasons why your spa level dropped. As with any pool or vessel that holds water, levels dropping, potential leaking or equipment failure can only be properly diagnosed with a thorough Leak Detection, as performed by CalTech Pools.

Between the spa and the pool are pieces of equipment, check valves, pipes and plumbing and sometimes shared walls. Spas have returns, Venturi’s, skimmers, pumps, heaters and elements that all work with the water in the spa, and sometimes that shared water is distributed over sheer descent walls, spillways and water features that might spray, spritz or shower that water. Drains, plastics that protrude through the wall of the spa and lights are all subject to leaking water. On sight, there is simply no way to diagnose the situation; for that, we use the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics.

check valve

Check Valve – Potential Question For Water Levels Dropping

Using highly sensitive hydrophones, microphones that listen from inside the water of the spa or pool, we can accurately identify the precise area where leaking occurs without diving in the pool. We listen along tile lines, at drains and fittings, lights, skimmers and bond beams for the whooshing sound that becomes audible with the hydrophones. It’s a sound you wouldn’t locate without them.

The weight of water pushing out of a leak creates the sounds we need to hear, and when leaks occur inside pipes, we can implement non-invasive methods to create those sounds for pinpoint leak locating. It’s part of the leak detection process that ensures we have identified any and all leaks while thoroughly checking every aspect of the pool, spa and attached water features.

There are times, when there will simply be no leaks heard in the shell of the spa and pool. At this time, we look for the reasons why water levels are dropping. We run and test the equipment to see how it functions and identify any issues with the distribution of water or the functionality fo the equipment. By using a systematic method of checking the entire pool and spa environment, we guarantee to isolate the issue and we can then recommend the best options for repair to get your pool and spa back to health and ready for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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