There are dozens of articles posted on random blogs that mislead readers about finding leaks in their pools. yes, you can potentially find a leak in your pool by yourself, it is possible, but that is why professional leak detection companies exist. It’s more than just finding a leak, repairs need to be made, and multiple factors can be the reason for the leak; a professional leak detection company will address all of these considerations.

When issues present themselves that cause water to escape from your pool, applying band-aid measures to stop the water loss is a futile effort. The issue causing the leak still exists when it isn’t properly addressed. For instance, if a crack has begun to form in the pool and you dye test the crack and see it’s leaking, you might want to fill that crack with epoxy to stop the water flow, but you aren’t addressing the real issue. Something is causing that crack to form, that’s what needs to be taken care of, and fast. Cracks continue to spread and lengthen due to pressures pushing on the pool shell, or substandard work that caused the area to weaken and crack. Epoxy doesn’t stop concrete damage, it just fills a hole until the concrete extends it’s damage, then it leaks again. the issue isn’t the leak in the crack, the issue is about repairing the concrete properly with compression staples, specifically, Torque Lock Staples.

If You Suspect A Pool Leak

Leaks in pipes can be identified, using a static pipe test you can confirm that a pipe is leaking, but without knowing where the pipe is leaking, you might be breaking concrete and digging up lines to find it and make extensive repairs. A proper leak detection from a professional will identify exactly where the leak in your pool is and repairs will be minimal when it comes to getting at the pipe and fixing it. It’s not likely you’ll do that yourself. It requires non-invasive methods to identify the precise location of the leak using hydrophones, deck plates and subsurface listening equipment to both create a sound at the leak and to pinpoint the location where that sound is being made. This is what CalTech Pools does. Non-invasive leak detection to specify exactly what needs repair, and exactly where. You aren’t going to do this alone.

Some articles talk about bucket tests, which give inaccurate results and mislead homeowners to believe issues exist, most of which they don’t understand. Equipment failures, check valves, pipe couplings, drain fittings, fancy water features – all of these are potential reasons why water loss is showing itself. Virtually no homeowner understands what a professional leak detection company understands and you’re waiting time trying to figure it out yourself. Spare the expense of time and money and call for a professional leak detection, call CalTech pools – the leader in leak detection and repair and do the job right the first time.

You know you’re losing water, you wouldn’t have searched online for ways to identify water loss if you didn’t already suspect it was happening. The right step to take is to hire a professional to find the leaks and recommend the right repairs. Call CalTech Pools today in the San Fernando Valley, lower Ventura, Simi, Malibu, Beverly Hills or the surrounding areas to schedule an appointment to end the issues of water loss in your pool or spa today.

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