When performing a thorough leak detection, at CalTech, we strive to be non-invasive while providing the most accurate leak detections possible. This includes Finding spa plumbing leaks. When listening for the sound of a leak, we have advanced methods that allow us to be precise with our findings, while being minimally, and most often, completely non-invasive. To do this, we employ LeakTronics equipment. It is designed specifically to find leaks fast without causing damage.

In this video below, we’re taking a look at using the powerful listening capability of the PoolScope to hear the sound of a leak behind a spa wall . The PoolScope is a hydrophone, a microphone designed to work from inside the water of a pool or spa, to hear where water is escaping.

It’s proven that 95% of all leaks in a pool occur within a three foot radius of the pool shell itself. The reasoning is understood easily by the placement of pipes and plumbing in the pool, and the potential that earth or the pool shell can shift and move, causing those pipes to separate or become damaged. With this knowledge, we also know that the PoolScope can hear noise, through concrete, and distances easily equal to three feet, and for this leak detection we performed, it proved it.

CalTech Pools is the leading provider of swimming pool leak detections and repair services in The San Fernando Valley, Malibu, Simi Valley and Lower Ventura county. Using the non-invasive equipment manufactured by LeakTronics, finding leaks is fast, accurate and easy.

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