Woodland Hills Leak Detection: We got a call to find why a pool in Woodland Hills was suffering from water loss. We arrived on the pool and found it to be an older pool that had, with time, been suffering from normal effects of the Southern California landscape. This included cracking and minor separations in the deck and the brick design through it. We see this in California all the time, and when necessary, we recommend repairs be considered.

Walking the pool, we looked over the equipment that runs it and took note that it had a raised spa attached to the pool on the far end. As we investigated the pool, we did find structural cracking that continued down from the deck and into the pool, as well as through where the skimmer was. We tested everywhere the crack made contact with the pool and did not find any of it to be leaking at that time.

Starting at the spa and working through all areas of protrusion in the pool and the spa, we listened for leaks. This included all drains, return fittings, suction ports, skimmer and skimmer throat, and along tile lines, and on every crack we saw. Some of the cracking had attempts to repair it previously with bubble gum epoxy. 

We then static tested the pipes using cane plugs and dye to see that there was in fact a hard pull going on in the spa plumbing. We applied a small amount of pressure that allowed us to listen through the spa wall using our SM-1 Side Mic from LeakTronics, and we accurately identified the leak to be in the plumbing behind the spa jet.

The next day, we cut the area for repair, we show you where the leak was in the video. it was an easy replacement and we finished the deck to match the surrounding area, returning the spa and the pool to service for enjoyment.