When you suspect water loss in your pool, for the sake of your bills and the longevity of your swimming pool or spa, getting a leak detection performed will identify the issues causing water loss. One question to ask your leak detection service professional is, “Will my leak detection be non-invasive?”

non-invasive leak detection

The answer, in every case, will be that there is a potential that some invasive methods may be required to find your leaks, but with CalTech, the potential to need invasive techniques is minimized. CalTech Pools uses LeakTronics equipment to find leaks, which means using Hydrophones to listen for leaks in the pool shell – but from outside the pool. We don’t arrive with air tanks and diving gear – leaks can be identified without getting in the pool.

LeakTronics Pro Complete Kit, designed and manufactured by CalTech Pools owner Darren Merlob, is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional leak detection without relying on destruction to find leaks. The equipment is trusted by thousands of professionals around the world to accurately pinpoint where leaks occur, fast.

Your CalTech Pools service technician will begin by identifying all protrusions in the pool shell. This means return fittings, drain covers, skimmers, side suctions and areas where previous work has been performed on things like structural cracks. Where the weight of the water in the pool creates pressure at a leak, a sound emirates from the leak. The highly sensitive hydrophones and listening equipment in LeakTronics Pro Complete Kit find those sounds and literally show leaks right where they are.

Before your technician arrives, it is important that your pool be filled, and that the water be clear. Clear enough to see the main drain cover at the bottom of the pool. This will ensure that everything with the potential to leak is visible and the technician can identify those areas and properly listen to them for escaping water.

On the rare occasion where pressure testing a line is necessary, the technician may need to access a pipe at the equipment side of the pool. This might include cutting and repairing a pipe, but before this option becomes a requirement, your technician will employ non-destructive techniques to identify underground leaks so any invasive leak detection methods can be avoided wherever possible.

In as little as 45 minutes, your CalTech Service Technician will be able to listen at all points in your pool and attached equipment (spas, water features), and can prepare a detailed report of what’s leaking, and what needs repair.

To schedule your leak detection appointment, or to ask questions regarding the process of finding leaks, call CalTech today at 818-436-2953.