Swimming pool leaks can occur due to a long list of potential causes. Swimming pool construction materials and the methods by which pools are built differ from builder to builder but when a pool is finished, it should be water tight and ready to enjoy.

Many swimming pool and spa leaks are caused by issues arising from these different materials and methods. Recent construction work or additions to the pool and its surrounding property can also create water leaks. This isn’t at all uncommon.

Pool Leaks Caused By California’s Little Earthquakes

Over time, even a perfectly designed and constructed swimming pool may begin to leak due to a host of other reasons. One of those reasons can be the soil surrounding your pool. The clay-like soil found in California tends to expand and contract due to changing moisture conditions and temperature fluctuations, it’s a gradual process that can lead to cracks forming in your swimming pool or spa or even plumbing lines. Cracks in the structure are also commonly formed by tree roots, slowly growing toward the pool water. You might be surprised to know that even lightning striking near a pool can cause cracks and leaks to form.

In California, there is another silent cause of swimming pool leaks. Seismic pressure under the ground caused by tiny tremors. Most of the earthquakes in California and around Los Angeles are so small that we don’t even feel them. Still, these small earthquakes are very harmful to swimming pools and spas where they occur. All this small, gradual seismic activity causes movement in and around pools, which is why during any one of these small earthquakes the pool can begin to leak.

It’s not possible to run out and check your pool’s level every time there’s mention of a tiny quaky, but it is a good idea to regularly take note of the level of your pool. If bills start to rise, or you hear your equipment working overtime to keep adding water – its time for a leak detection. Even small, unassuming leaks can cause expensive water loss and speculating on how you can stop it cheap is going to be more costly in the long run. Call CalTech for a thorough and proper leak detection and get recommendations on the right repairs to end water loss permanently.

With more than 30 years in the swimming pool leak detection and repair business, CalTech Pools founder and owner Darren Merlob can take care of your concerns about water loss and help you end the drain on your pool and your wallet.

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