There are reasons why swimming pools develop Structural Cracks which range from pool settling, earth movement, and / or (possibly) substandard workmanship during construction.

Swimming pool cosmetic delamination - not structural in nature

Swimming pool cosmetic delamination – not structural in nature

Cosmetic cracks (delaminations) in the finish do not leak and can usually be easily repaired.

When the ground shifts or settles, the structure which is generally constructed of gunite, (concrete) has zero tolerance and is unforgiving.  This can cause the swimming pool structure to crack. When a swimming pool develops structural cracks which leak, the water leaking through the crack will eventually erode the soil underneath (or around the structure) and can possibly cause voids in the soil (hollow pockets) where the water is leaking out and more shifting and ground settling can occur.

Water leaking through structural cracks in a swimming pool happens usually due to concrete movement.

Torque Lock Staples used to repair a swimming pool structural crack

Torque Lock Staples used to repair a swimming pool structural crack

The size of the swimming pool crack depends on how much the structure moves.  Water leaking through the crack can be a large problem if not addressed.  Choosing the right method to repair the swimming pool crack is very important.

Swimming pool structural cracks are under enormous pressure due to the water trying to leak out and cannot be simply glued in place (epoxy) or plastered over. When structural cracks go unrepaired, the cracks will usually grow larger over time and the repair may become a larger job and more expensive. Resurfacing a swimming pool will not cure a swimming pool crack, it will only cover it.  The crack needs to be properly repaired 100% of the time. If left ignored, it will only get worse.

Structural cracks must be stabilized.  Epoxy injection doesn’t work well with wet surfaces and only puts a bandage on the crack.  When applicable, we at Caltech Pools install Torque Lock Staples which provide tensile strength and compression strength against the swimming pool crack.   There is no better structural pool crack repair method compared to Torque Lock Staples.