We were called in after another leak detection company made a mistake on the spa at the 4 Seasons. As you’ll see in the video, without precision leak detection, time and money just go out the window and repair costs escalate.

when using the pro Complete leak Detection Kit and the methods trained in leak detecting from LeakTronics, finding leaks happens fast and accurately. Take a look at what we came up on and how we found the leak, made repairs and put this spa back into service.

As you saw in the video, the pipes on this job weren’t near the surface. Hearing the leak below ground and locating it with the sonde equipment from LeakTronics helped us to get to the area in need of repair and to stop the water loss so the hotel could resume activities.

Take a look at how deep these pipes were. it was all day digging, and mapping their location back to the control room was another experience. These pipes run a lot of equipment, from sprinklers to water features, spas and a pool, and they all have the potential to leak. Knowing where they are located, identifying and isolating what pipes are leaking and pinpointing the area of the leak are things we do well at CalTech and we’re available to do them for you.

You don’t need to be a 5-Star Hotel to get 5-Star Service, just call to ask questions and schedule an appointment for your leak detection at 818-436-2953.