In the video below, we’re performing a leak detection on a pool in Thousand oaks, CA. This pool has a self cleaning system with floor heads that direct dirt and debris to the drain to aid in keeping the pool clean.

We’re using the Pro Complete leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics with it’s highly sensitive hydrophones to listen for the sound of leaks in the pool. This means we aren’t diving in to test for leaks, we’re listening, on the floor heads, and throughout the entire pool shell, self cleaning canisters, skimmers and all the places where suspect leaks can occur.  The process is thorough and happens quickly with results that will find any and all leaks.

Performing a leak detection begins by identifying all the areas suspect for leaking. We listen at all areas where plastics protrude through the pool wall. Return fittings, skimmers, drains, cracks and delamination, in the pool and in the spa. If there is a leak, the weight of the water pushing out of it will create a sound we can hear using the underwater hydrophones from LeakTronics.

When we get to the area of the pool where self cleaning floor heads and drains appear on the floor, we drop our hydrophone to the bottom of the pool and drag it to the areas we want to listen on. By using the drop and drag method, we can accurately identify any leaks in the pool floor. Being at the bottom of the pool, the weight and pressure of water is heavier and reveals leaks fast.

When we listened inside of the canisters on the deck, we identified a leak in the seam of the self cleaning system’s canister, not clearly visible by a simple eye inspection, but very evident when listening to the flow of water pushing through the seam. We backed ourselves up with a dye test to prove the leak and were able to show the customer the necessary repairs that would stop the leak.

In the end, a re-installation of a new canister solved the problem and the pool was returned to service leak free.

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