Southern California is the home of pools and backyard luxury. Maintaining pools in a landscape that regularly suffers ground movement and somewhat oppressive summertime heat can mean leaks happen and pools lose water. Finding those leaks fast and accurately takes a leak detection with the right equipment and a company that has proven success in the Southern California landscape. That company is CalTech Pools.

When you get a leak detection performed, it’s important to take note of everything from the equipment set to the shell of the pool and the pipes that connect it. Something as simple as a broken autofill valve or a malfunctioning backwash system can look like a leak in the pool but isn’t, but it still has to be diagnosed and repaired. Identifying those issues is part of the leak detection.

A leak detection starts with looking over the pool. It’s requested that the pool be filled and the water be clear enough to see the main drain cover. This allows the technician to observe and visual areas that require attention. Using highly sensitive hydrophones, microphones that are made to listen from inside the water, the technician will listen for the sound made when pressure pushes out of a leak. The weight of water causes this sound and allows for accurate, non-invasive leak detecting.

No pool is the same, but the reasons pools leak are common amongst all pools and spas. Whether in the plumbing lines or the shell of the pool, in skimmers or drains; your technician will be able to identify any and all leaks and recommend the best repairs to stop water loss and fix leaks.

CalTech Pools uses the non-invasive electronic listening equipment from LeakTronics, the manufacturer created by CalTech Pools owner Darren Merlob. Used by professionals around the world, LeakTronics equipment is the fastest, most accurate equipment for pinpointing pool leaks in the industry, and that’s what we use to find your pool’s leaks.

Call CalTech today for your leak detection and book the one service in California that has found more leaks and made more repairs than any other pool service company in the country.

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