Southern California is prone to year round pool use, but not this year. It’s simply cold in the valley this winter, and it’s the right time to identify your pool’s leaks and get them repaired. A complete Leak Detection on your pool can be performed, in most cases, in an hour and you’ll identify all leaks in the pool so you can stop water loss.

CalTech Pools is available to find leaks in your pool now, and you can get them repaired before summer comes and you’re using your pool every day. If you’re ready to schedule a leak detection, call 818-436-2953 today.

Before your technician arrives at the pool, here’s a brief checklist you can run through to help expedite the leak detection process.

Woodland Hills Swimming Pool Leak Detection - Losing Water - Hiring A leak Detection Company

1. Make sure your pool is filled to it’s normal operating level. If this is done before the technician arrives, it will allow any trapped air in the plaster of the pool to release the bubbles that cause a “rice-krispie” sound. Your leak detection technician is going to listen for the sound of leaks using highly sensitive hydrophones and listening equipment. Any outside noises that aren’t a leak will be evident. It’s important to have the pool filled also, so the water level is above the area where potential leaks occur. Your technician can explain why if you ask.

2. Make sure that when you look into your pool water, you can see the main drain cover. There are other things in a pool that a trained technician will look for, including previous repair work, epoxies, structural cracks and broken fittings. A dirty pool obscures their ability to see everything, so before scheduling your appointment, have your pool service tech clean the pool so you can see it from standing on the surrounding deck.

3. Please have access to the pool available around the side of the house, or through an outside access point. While it is generous that you might let a technician cut through the house, we respectfully decline those offers. Dirty feet and carpets are nouns friend, and we would just as soon not make your floors dirty.

4. Have you got outdoor pets? Please have them inside when your technician arrives. While dogs are every mans best friend, they make noise too, and the listening equipment is going to hear that noise, loudly. Your technician will get the job done both fast and effectively with less distraction.

When you’re ready, pick up the phone and call CalTech for your leak detection in the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Malibu or the surrounding areas. We look forward to serving your leak detection and repair needs today.

Call 818-436-2953.