Tired of calling a company about your swimming pool leak, leaving a message and hearing back from them two days later or not receiving a call back at all?  It blows my mind to see contractors paying big money to advertise and not even returning your call.

Swimming pool contractors, especially pool builders, usually get a bad rap and are notorious for this practice. Customers that get burned by many of these contractors are usually very skeptical of us legitimate  companies who do the right thing.

Upon a recent leak detection performed in Woodland Hills, I could tell the tension was in the air as soon as I pulled up in my truck. After I listened to what the customer had to say, I pulled out my hi-tech equipment and reassured the customer that I lived, ate, and breathed leak detections, I put them at ease almost immediately. When I asked them why they chose Caltech Pools they said ” your phones were answered and your office staff was knowledgeable”.  They also were impressed  that swimming pool leak detection, swimming pool inspection and swimming pool repair is all we do. We do not service pools and we do not build them.

The customer went on to tell me about a terrible experience with a pool builder who was hired to build three pools for his family. One was the pool that I worked on in Woodland Hills and the other two were for his mother who lived in Reseda and his sister who lived in Encino.  After being left with three holes in the ground and no return phone call , the customer had to hire a new builder and take legal action.

To make a long story short, the customer said he would never deal with a voicemail company again.

At Caltech Pools we believe in person to person communication. Give us a call during business hours and see if we pick up.