When it comes to your pool, you don’t want to fool around. A trained and equipped professional is going to have sensitive listening equipment, cameras and technology that keeps them out of the pool and works invasively to find leaks without making a mess. Those professionals use leakTronics Leak Detection Equipment and they know the best methods of professional leak detection.

At CalTech Pools, we’re more than just leak detection experts. Found Darren Merlob has more than three decades of experience in pool building, pool plastering, pool repair and leak detection. He’s the founder and creator of LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment and he’s developed the tools that find even the smallest of leaks with the best results and minimal damage.

There are a lot of times a customer will meet us on site with a long list of notes they’ve made about their pool. They’ve considered every avenue they’ve read about on the Internet and they’ve got details that someone told them to ask about – and this is why you want to hire a professional. While we appreciate the homework you’ve done, it’s much the same as visiting WebMD online and telling your doctor what’s wrong with your health. Trust the Doctor, he knows best. While we want to hear what you’ve discovered on your pool, we’ll know everything down to the finest details after providing a thorough leak detection. We’ve got the equipment and best methods to ensure that whatever the issue is, we can accurately identify it and recommend the best methods of repair.

There are franchise companies that will preach ineffective methods of leak detection, punching holes in concrete and pumping your pies with expensive tanks of helium – which they will bill you for relentlessly. Don’t buy in. Franchise owners aren’t pool professionals, they could just as easily purchased a 7-11 or a McDonalds franchise and opened their doors for business. You want an equipped, trained and experienced professional to handle your pool, and you get that with CalTech.

Beginning with a sound overview of your pool equipment, the pool and spa and the components that make your pool tick, we’ll run and test them to see if issues arise, even things you may not have taken notes on. Then we’ll listen throughout the pool for the sounds made by leaks. They like to show themselves, and we have the equipment that hears them clearly.

When it comes to the pipes and plumbing on your pool, we employ non-destructive methods to verify leaks. If necessary, we will employ a fairly non-invasive pressure test and inject bursts of air into the pipes to reveal the area where leaks occur. This allows us to pinpoint where the leaks occur and identifies exactly where repairs need to be made so you avoid unnecessary digging to fix the problems.

Your pool is a personal pride, let CalTech address your concerns and stop the water loss that’s keeping you up at night. Call 818-436-2953 today to schedule a leak detection and we’ll recommend the best repairs to fix your pool today.