When you notice water loss in your pool, don’t hesitate to have a leak detection performed to find a pool leak fast. It isn’t always a hole in a pipe or a crack in the pool causing water loss. Autofill valves, pumps and heaters, even conduit behind a light can be the culprit. All of these are things that will be reviewed during your leak detection.

When a technician from CalTech arrives at your pool, they will review all the areas of the pool environment to identify what could be leaking, and to look for common signs of water loss. Puddling, open valves, broken plastic, missing fittings and drain covers and obvious signs of cracks or missing tiles all identify areas where issues may exist. It’s all taken into consideration when looking for leaks.

Ultimately, the leak detection will begin when the technician drops a PoolScope from LeakTronics Swimming Pool Leak Detection Kit into the pool. The highly sensitive microphone will hear where water is escaping through a crack, hole or crevasse in the pool. When the microphone gets closer to the area of the leak it becomes clearly audible and the technician can identify the exact location of the leak anywhere in the pool.

If leaks occur in the pipes that run to the pool or equipment through return fittings or suction lines, CalTech uses smaller microphones to listen inside the pipes, or can implore non-invasive methods to listen through concrete, soil and landscaping, decks or even the pool and spa walls to hear the leaks in pipes. LeakTronics listening equipment has the power to detect leaks anywhere in the pool system.

Before your CalTech Leak Detection Technician arrives, make sure your pool is filled and the equipment is operating. This will allow them to see if puddling or leaking is happening in or around the equipment and the pool. The weight of water pushing out on a leak creates a sound that the technician will listen for. If the pool water has dropped, it may have dropped to the level where the leak exists. By filling the pool to its proper level, the water will push out of that leak and allow the technician to locate it. It is important that your pool be filled to perform a proper leak detection that will find a pool leak.

Leak Detection On A Pool/Spa Combo

CalTech services pools, spas, fountains and water features throughout the San Fernando Valley, southern Ventura County, Simi Valley and Beverly Hills down through Malibu. The size of the water vessel doesn’t matter, if it’s losing water, a proper leak detection will find it and CalTech can make or recommend the right repairs to stop water loss permanently.

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