If you suspect a leak in a skimmer on a pool, don’t hesitate to call CalTech to perform a leak detection. While it might seem like the skimmer is an issue, the function of all the equipment and plumbing that makes a pool run is subject to failure at any time. A complete swimming pool leak detection will answer the question as to whether it’s a skimmer on a pool, a leak in a pipe, around a drain or in the concrete of the pool shell.

Your Leak Detection professional will require the pool being filled to its proper level and all equipment off to enable a ‘static environment.’ This means, essentially, that the pool equipment is off and the pool is quiet. Using highly sensitive hydrophones, microphones designed to work in water, the technician will begin listening from inside the water. Listening along tile lines, drains and return fittings, around lights, along structural cracks and inside the skimmer, the technician will be able to hear wherever water is escaping from the pool.

The weight of water pushing out of a leak makes a sound. With LeakTronics LT-1000 Amplifier and listening equipment, used by CalTech for Leak Detection, those sounds come through loud and clear. If a sound is emanating from inside a return fitting, LeakTronics equipment provides the capability to listen inside the pipes to find the precise area of the leak. CalTech Leak Detection provides accurate leak locating to reduce any invasive repair techniques to get the pipe repaired and to put the pool back into leak free service.

CalTech is located in Calabasas, CA and services swimming pools from the 101 in the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Lower Ventura Country and Beverly Hills out to Malibu. If you suspect a leak in a skimmer on a pool, or just a pool leak causing abnormal water loss, call now. Schedule your leak detection and inquire about repairs to keep your pool operating leak free, for years to come.

CalTech Pools can be reached at 818-436-2953. Call now to get your leak detection fast.

CalTech performing a leak Detection and Repair in Woodland Hills, CA