As a homeowner, if you’ve discovered water loss in your pool, don’t fret! It’s time to call CalTech Pools for a leak detection. Some water loss issues have nothing to do with cracks, pipe breaks or costly repairs. The only way to be certain about why it’s happening and what needs to be repaired is to have a through leak detection performed on your pool. In Woodland Hills and the surrounding areas, the one company that does this right is CalTech Pools.

CalTech Pools performs proper leak detections on in-ground, above ground, Gunite, concrete, fiberglass, steel, glass or vinyl liner pools and more. Using the most modern listening equipment available in the professional leak detection market, you are guaranteed that any and all leaks will be found, and repairs can be made to stop water loss.

CalTech’s CEO is Darren Merlob. Darren is the creator of LeakTronics leak detection equipment. Born from the frustrations of ineffective equipment in the leak detection market, Darren spent years designing and building the right tools for precise and accurate leak detection. This includes listening for leaks throughout the pool shell, in attached spas and water features, in pipes and plumbing under concrete, landscaping, soil and wherever pipes run.

The methods CalTech uses to detect leaks are non-invasive. There isn’t a requirement to dive into a pool with air tanks and dye tubes. Using highly sensitive microphones designed to listen from inside the pool water, the LeakTronics equipment will hear water escaping the pool and let the technician know just where the leaks occur. This minimizes any destructive methods to make repairs and keeps costs down.

Darren Merlob has more than 30 years experience in professional swimming pool installation, refinishing and repair and has personally trained thousands of professionals around the world to provide simply the best leak detections possible, using LeakTronics non-invasive equipment. With CalTech Pools, you’ll receive the same care and attention to find why your pool is losing water and will learn how to make it stop.

When you’re ready to call for a Swimming Pool Leak Detection In Woodland Hills or the surrounding area, dial 818-436-2953 and schedule a leak detection. CalTech serves Woodland Hills, the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, lower Ventura county, Malibu and Beverly Hills areas. CalTech will discreetly come to your property and provide in-depth information about your pools health and what it takes to stop the water loss you’ve discovered.

For more information, or to schedule a leak detection on your pool, call 818-436-2953 or visit

CalTech is a licensed company and has a stellar and proven track record for performing leak detection and repair work on some of the most elaborate pools in the world. Learn more now at the CalTech website.