It’s funny how the name of a city really stands for what it is and has. The City of Thousand Oaks is just that—thousands of old oak trees.  What does this have to do with swimming pool leaks? plenty!

When performing swimming pool leak detections in Thousand Oaks or any other area with major trees around, it is necessary to check the pool plumbing lines thoroughly.  Utilizing high tech equipment such as a pipe mic and a videoscope will not only help find leaks in plumbing, it can also point out future issues that will eventually arise.  A good example of such an issue was a a leak detection which we recently performed on a commercial pool.

After performing a thorough swimming pool leak detection on a commercial swimming pool in Thousand Oaks, we determined that there was a major leak in the return trunk lineFinding the leak was easy, however, when we sent a video camera into the line, we found many indentations in the pipe.  The indentations only completely penetrated the pipe in the area of the leak.  The good news was we could show these pictures to the customer.  The bad news was that we didn’t recommend repairing the area of the leak, we recommended replacing the whole line.

At first, the news was hard for the customer to swallow.  We did our cutting and digging and we were actually able to pull the old pipe out of the ground and show the customer just how fragile these lines were.  After seeing the physical pipe they were quite glad that they decided to do the repair as we suggested.

The moral of the story is this…. hire a specialty swimming pool leak detection company.  A good recommendation would be Caltech Pools.