There is nothing more frustrating to a swimming pool leak detection contractor than to look for a leak that doesn’t exist.  Believe it or not this happens a few times a year in areas where there is more evaporation than other areas.

In the San Fernando Valley, there are cities that get much warmer and windier than others.  Woodland Hills seems to be one of the hottest cities in the valley. Surrounding cities such as Calabasas, Canoga, Reseda and Tarzana are right up there with Woodland Hills when it comes to hot temperatures.

Where are we going with this??  Hot dry weather means more evaporation than usual.  Add in a wind factor, and many of the swimming pools in these cities can experience a water loss upwards of 2 inches per week.

On a recent job performed just east of Topanga Canyon Blvd. in Woodland Hills, I became quite perplexed.  After using all of the Leaktronics leak detection equipment in our arsenal, diving the pool and pressure testing the returns, suction lines, and water features, we came up with absolutely nothing.  At this point we marked the water level and advised the customer not to add any water, not to swim, and leave the pump off.  After coming back 24 hours later, the water was down around 1/4 ” again we marked the pool water level and this time we ran the pump.  After 24 hours, we had observed the same amount of water loss.

Because the customer was a new homeowner, we couldn’t compare the water loss to different times of the year. We did however, manage to get in touch with the previous homeowner who told us the following “the pool seems to go down and i have to add water more frequently every summer but I hardly have to add anything in the winter months”.

After all the work we put in and the many trips back to the residence, I was glad that we had some resolution.  I reassured the customer that we would be back if the pool still lost water in the winter months and they were happy.

A few months later we received a call from the customer telling us that the pool was hardly losing any water and he thanked us for all of our work.

Another happy Caltech Pools customer