Historically when we go out on structural crack estimates, 8 out of 10 times, the crack has been previously repaired with other systems such as epoxy, rebar, etc. A frequently asked question from all of my customers is, how long is the structural crack warranty and what are the terms and conditions?

I have had many discussions with contractors over the years and agree that a responsible and reliable contractor follows a principal of good business ethics. one year warrantyThey all are of the same opinion that a one year warranty on any structural crack repair should be provided. At Caltech pools we provide an ironclad warranty in writing.

There are many variables on why cracks appear. Unknown factors such as lack of rebar, thin gunite and improper backfilling can cause a reoccurrence of an old crack or cause a new one to form. Torque Lock Structural Systems has proven to be the most successful method for structural crack repairs when compared to other products or methods in many industries. For further comparison, please read Torque Lock Vs Other Crack Repair Methods

On Monday 3/17/14 at 6:25 am, the greater Los Angeles and surroundingla_quake_031714 areas experienced a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. Considering we repair approximately 1500 linear feet of structural cracks in pools per month, we were waiting for the phones to ring off the hook. Fortunately, we only received two or three phone calls. After checking on all three, we found the last one to have the most damaging cracks. There were no additional cracks in the original repair using Torque Lock but there were several new cracks appearing in different areas.

When a repair is completed, the job is documented both before and after. We were able to provide them with documentation to prove the additional crack was new and the one that was repaired with Torque Lock was still holding even after a 4.4 earthquake. To thank them for their business, we provided a courtesy discount for the new structural repair.

Make sure you’re provided with a warranty. No matter how great the quality of work, MOTHER NATURE IS STRONGER !