leak detection pipe lit with hhvp lightUpon performing a recent Woodland Hills leak detection on a pool / spa combo, we were able to narrow the leak down to the line. When we began excavating the area for the repair, we found there were multiple lines in the same trench.  This would be a dilemma for most, but not for Caltech.

Caltech Pools has state of the art cameras with LED lights that shine so bright, we were able to locate the leaking pipe by using the camera.  The leaking line with the camera head inserted in it is the one that appears to be a different color (peach) than the rest of the lines. With our hand Held Video Pro Camera and the hand Held Video Pro 1.5, we can get inside pipes as small as 1 inch on a straight run and we can get through 1.5 inch pipes with clear visibility. this means, when it comes to seeing what the issue is, leaks can’t hide.

Along with our cameras, we can identify the area of a leak from inside a water filled line or an empty line using the CamVac System from LeakTronics. The CamVac uses a small amount of controlled vacuum to draw air into a water filled line or saturation around an emptied pipe. it allows us to see the crack from the inside and we can show the customer on the screen just what they’re up against and where repairs need to be made. It’s just some of the amazing equipment we have to find leaks and stop water loss fast!

Moral of the story:  Specialists in the field use special equipment making their work more accurate than those who do not. be accurate in finding leaks and reduce invasive digging by calling CalTech Pools for your leak detections at 818-436-2953.