In our Jobs Done Right blog series we will be sharing some details from past leak detections, inspections, and repairs on leaking pools.

The Situation: We received a call from a customer stating that their pool was losing approximately 1 inch of water per day, and appeared to be leaking the same whether their pump was on or off. Speaking with our customers thoroughly about their situation  helps us to be as prepared as possible before showing up to their home.

The Approach: At Caltech Pools, we proudly use LeakTronics electronic leak detection equipment. Using hydrophones (small waterproof microphones created for swimming pool leak detections) we are able to thoroughly LISTEN to the pool walls, floor, plumbing lines, and all other components for leaks.  This technique is NON-INVASIVE, which is something we always stress.

Upon Arrival: Once we arrived on site, we began by breaking out our LeakTronics Kit and walked the perimeter of the pool, looking for anything out of the ordinary. We then performed a visual inspection on the surface of the pool and noted some cracks.  We then dropped our PoolScope into the pool and began to hear leak sounds as we moved closer to the 3 separate structural cracks in the pool. After confirming the cracks were leaking we moved on to check the rest of the pool to complete the leak detection and ensure that there were no other leaks.

Findings: The structural cracks were the only cause of the leaks.  We discussed our findings with the homeowner who said that they previously had the cracks repaired and didn’t think they were leaking.  The homeowner stated that the company who did the repair insisted the cracks were not the cause of the leaks.  They believed the other contractor until they began receiving notices from the City for excessive water usage.

Outcome: There were approximately 25 linear feet of structural cracks which were leaking at several locations.  While many companies will simply patch the crack with epoxy (which failed), by utilizing Torque Lock Structural Staples we were able to repair and stabilize the crack. The pool has since been refilled and is operating normally.  The homeowner is happy.

The Lesson:  If you suspect your pool is leaking, don’t let it go unattended, it will only get worse.  Likewise, structural cracks never get any better if not properly repaired. Please remember, if you suspect your pool is leaking and you need another opinion, contact Caltech Pools, leak detection and structural repair experts.