Even though you may not see water anywhere, a swimming pool leak can sometimes be visible.

The Situation: A customer in Woodland Hills contacted us about their older pool/spa combo. While they could see that they were losing water, they were no visible signs (wet grass, broken pipes, etc). The customer also noted that the pool appeared to be leaking MORE when their pump was on.

Before we take on any job, we always thoroughly speak with the customer to find all information we can about the situation at hand. This ensures that we are prepared and ready when we arrive at their home.

The Approach: We walked the perimeter of the pool and performed a visual inspection looking to see if there was any signs of construction or recent work performed in the yard.  We took out our LeakTronics Electronic Leak Detection Equipment, and listened to all components of the pool including the return lines, main drain, lights, skimmer and cleaner line.  We noted there were not leaks heard and moved to the spa where we began to hear the sounds of running water, which is an indication of a leak.  We noted the area and finished the leak detection on the remaining areas of the spa and then checked at the equipment area. Upon further inspection we found that a bond beam break had occurred in the spa, causing a leak at the wall of the spa.

We would like to note that at Caltech Pools we proudly use LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment.  Utilizing the LeakTronics Pool Scope (a small waterproof microphone) in the kit allows us to thoroughly LISTEN to the pools walls, floor, plumbing lines, and all other areas. Above all LeakTronics equipment is NON-INVASIVE.

Findings: After locating the leak at the bond beam break, we provided an estimate for the repair.  To remedy the leak and correctly repair the beam break, we cut and removed everything from the beam break up, completely cleaned the area of any loose or broken material, board formed and installed steel dowels, and repoured concrete.