We recently performed a pool leak detection in Malibu and then proceeded to make the necessary repair.  After we completed with the job, we received an email from the owner:

“What a great company. I will for sure tell everyone. You all went way be on the call of duty. On time, perfectionist in your work. Very happy.
Cheryl J.P.”

We’ll continue to provide excellent service that surpasses expectations, it’s in our nature! 

Thank you from Caltech Pools!

CalTech Pools provides leak detection services using LeakTronics electronic leak detection equipment. LeakTronics provides the most accurate and effective equipment in the industry. Using the tools provided, we have the ability to find and isolate leaks inside the pool, without diving, and to find leaks in pipes and plumbing under concrete, dirt, patios and sidewalks – wherever the leak is.

The LeakTronics DeckPlate and SoilProbe lead the industry in listening capabilities and the hydrophones LeakTronics make allow us to listen for the sound of leaks throughout the entire pool shell. This includes drains and suctions, return and spa jet lines, in the skimmer and at the skimmer throat and at lights. The weight of water pushing out of a crack, break – even a pinhole: makes a noise we hear with the highly sensitive equipment. The closer we get to the source of the leak, the louder the noise increases. Our trained technicians can hear this noise with ease and can positively find where a leak exists with reduced invasive methods. This means finding a leak in a line without digging up the entire line. When we find the precise area of the leak, we know where digging will take place to make repairs. This means we only have to cut concrete or dig at the exact area of the leak. Bullseye!

Call CalTech now to get a leak detection on your pool and to stop water loss right now! 818-436-2953.