After having performed many swimming pool inspections, pool leak detections and pool repairs, we are finding a strange pattern mostly in the Ventura County area including Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Simi Valley, Agoura Hills and especially in Camarillo.

The pattern I am talking about is with skimmers.  After performing inspections and leak detections and finding many of them leaking at previously repaired skimmer seams, we need to literally dig further into what is causing the problem.

We are not saying that every skimmer which is leaking at the seam needs replacing. Some can be repaired with simple epoxy patches or cements however, when we see that a deck which been previously cut and the skimmer seam has many different repair materials, we need to look further.

The most common cause of skimmer seam failure is usually due to the fact that when replacement skimmers are installed, they are not properly tied with rebar to the pool. Another reason for seam failure is due to a skimmer not completely poured properly or entombed. Here is a picture of a properly entombed skimmer.





Properly entombed skimmer

In closing, the moral of the story is know who you are dealing with and let a swimming pool repair professional such as Caltech Pools handle any major repairs.