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Agoura Hills pool leak detection, inspection and repairs – Our customers in Agoura Hills receive qualified assessment and services using LeakTronics – state of the art leak detection equipment.  We lead the industry by using the least invasive approach to swimming pool leak detections.

Calabasas pool leak detection, inspection and repairs – Calabasas is our “home town” where our office is located.  An area where we can provide fast and prompt service as well as pinpoint accuracy as far as leak detections go.

Encino pool leak detection, inspection and repairs – A leaking swimming pool that goes unchecked can cause may other problems that many homeowners are unaware of including land erosion, soil contamination and in rare cases, foundation problems with a structure nearby.

Malibu swimming pool leak detection and leak repairs – There is no place that is prettier than the hillsides of Malibu.  One of the largest water loss issues in a Malibu swimming pool is evaporation.  Evaporation rates can sometimes double in pools that are situated on a windy mountaintop with full exposure to the sun.  A customer should be sure to perform the bucket test to make sure they have a leak before calling Caltech Pools to come out and perform a leak detection.

Canoga Park swimming pool leak detection and leak repair – After finding a leak in your swimming pool, it is extremely important to have a good game plan for the repair.  At Caltech Pools we take the approach to be as least invasive as possible.  We can often repair a pipe underground using PipeFuze and not even have to cut the deck under certain circumstances.

Tarzana leak detection and swimming pool leak repair – unlike most conventional methods of leak detection, Caltech Pools is always creating and coming up with new techniques for finding leaks.  Our videoscope can allow us to look up to 160 feet in your pipes, inject a dye, and see and document everything that is going on.

Thousand Oaks swimming pool leak detection and repair – As we have written in other blogs, the City of Thousand Oaks is just that, Thousands of Old Oak Trees.  How does this affect a swimming pool?  Root penetration is the answer.  Tree roots, especially Oak roots, have a tendency of wrapping around plumbing and physically breaking and penetrating pipes.  These massive roots can also wreak havoc on a pool structure.

Westlake Village swimming pool leak detection and repair – At Caltech Pools our expertise says everything.  We do not build pools.  We do not plaster pools.  We do not service pools.  All we do are leak detections, leak repairs and inspections with over 35 years of professional experience.

Moorpark leak detection and leak repair –  After utilizing antiquated leak detection equipment and having nothing but problems with them, we decided to build our own.  In 2010 LeakTronics was formed to provide the best leak detection equipment in the industry.  Caltech Pools owns LeakTronics and Torque Lock Structural Systems, making us a major player in the swimming pool leak industry.

Sherman Oaks swimming pool leak detection and repair– A swimming pool that is leaking is almost impossible to maintain properly.  Balancing water that is constantly being diluted (by refilling) is almost never right.  Problems that may arise due to unbalanced water are plaster problems, pipe corrosion, constant algae, pump failure (due to running dry) an the list goes on and on.

Northridge swimming pool leak detection and repair – Northridge was the epicenter of a serious earthquake in the early 1990’s.  Because of major ground movement, most of the leaks we find in Northridge and it’s surrounding areas are structural cracks.  Have No Fear! Caltech Pools is also the owner of Torque Lock Structural Systems – the most relied upon structural crack repair method in the swimming pool industry.

Santa Monica swimming pool leak detection and repair – Many of the swimming pool leaks and repairs in Santa Monica are performed on pools dating back to the 1950’s.  For this reason, we find many copper pipe and other plumbing issues related directly to age.

Camarillo swimming pool leak detection and repair – Here are the statistics – 50% of all new swimming pools leak from day 1.  60% of all swimming pools leak within the first 5 years and 80% of all swimming pools leak within the first 15 years.  Imagine when you are dealing with a 30 years old swimming pool.  At Caltech Pools we see every scenario there is and we’re able to handle any repair from quick epoxy fixes to complete plumbing retro fits.

Hollywood swimming pool leak detections and repair – When you’re dealing with Caltech Pools, you’re dealing with the owner direct.  We don’t send out a service technician that can’t make their own decisions.  Communication is always our main goal.

Woodland Hills swimming pool leak detection and repair – aside from structural cracks and plumbing leaks, there are many other common areas to look for as far as leak detection is concerned – skimmer throats, light niches and conduits, around return fittings, and equipment leaks are just to name a few.

Beverly Hills swimming pool leak detection and repair – Caltech Pools not only provides swimming pool and spa leak detections, we also provide the same service for fountains and water features.  From a huge job such as the LBJ Library Fountain to the small bowl type fountain in front of your house – we handle them all.

Brentwood swimming pool leak detection and repair – A very popular question that most new customers ask us is “what is the worst case scenario?”  That’s a real hard question to answer.  After a thorough leak detection, Caltech Pools will give you as may options that are available for your particular repair.

Pacific Palisades swimming pool leak detection, inspection and repair – Being in the swimming pool industry close to 25 years, I still sometimes hear customers say “I called you and two of your competitors and you’re the only one who came out”.  I don’t get it.

1.  How could a company rely on a cell phone voicemail to greet the customers?

2.  Who do companies pay to advertise if they don’t return their phone calls?

Our Mission

1.  Answer our phones.  Our office staff has quite a bit of knowledge.  (Our office manager has been with the company for 15 years).

2.  Arrive on time.

3.  Walk you through and show you (if possible) the leaks.

4.  Give you a detailed written estimate and advise you to shop and get other estimates.